OverPage-0 367 Brandee Evans

Brandee Evans is an accomplished actor, host, and businesswoman. In 2020 she appeared as a series regular on the Starz network show [...]

Ellen Kim Ellen Kim

Creative Director, Choreographer, and Movement Coach Ellen Kim is a dynamic personality inside the world of music & entertainment. Her [...]

q burdette Q. Burdette

Q. Burdette is an industry veteran Director, and Director of Photography. Drawing from a performance background of his own, Q. uses personal [...]

CJ Trusclair | Music Director C.J. TRUSCLAIR

Music Director + Drummer CJ Trusclair is the pride of Baton Rouge, Louisiana – the beloved hometown where his musical gift grew into [...]

Derrick McAlister | Music Director DERRICK “YUNG WURLD” MCALISTER

Derrick “Yung Wurld” McAlister has music in his blood.  The son of a funk drummer, McAlister – a Buffalo, NY native – was raised with a [...]

Thaddeus Dixon | Music Director THADDEUS DIXON

Thaddeus Dixon is one of the most sought after musicians, producers, songwriters, and music directors in the business. A drummer from [...]

Omar Dominick | Music Director OMAR DOMINICK

Music Director and Bass player Omar Dominick has music in his blood. Talented in many genres including jazz, gospel, Christian rock, [...]

Jasmine Benjamin | Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Director JASMINE BENJAMIN

Jasmine Benjamin knows what’s cool. Her image aesthetic influences pop culture, and her unique approach to style and fashion keeps her work [...]


Shawn Suggs is one of the most well-liked tastemakers in the city of Los Angeles, specializing in the growing, changing landscape of DTLA. [...]

Jason Sky | Wardrobe Stylist + Costume Designer JASON SKY

In Hollywood, great style is a business that Jason Sky – a creative director, wardrobe stylist, and costume designer – navigates with grace. [...]